The Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club “ARVLFC” Originated by Loyal Fans over 27 years ago, the one & only fan club sanctioned by Anne Rice. Founders of the First and Original Vampire Ball. This Annual Halloween Event includes the Undeadcon seminars, Q&A Cocktail hour at St Alphonsus Historical Church and the Anne Rice Vampire Ball - The Gathering of the Ancients Ball... and much more
Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I Purchase Tickets to the Events?

A-  ARVLFC's Ball 2018 is available for purchase now online on our Ticket Page

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Q- Where are the events held?

A- Check back in the on our website for the latest information as it develops.

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Q-What Entertainment is offered?

A-Check the Ball Schedule of Events  for the current 2018 information.

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Q-  Will there be a Thursday Meet and Greet Event?

A- This year, the Thursday Meet and Greet is a Cocktail Party at Potions Speak Easy. Check back on our website for the latest information on this event as details are finalized.

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Q-  When is registration for the events?

A- Pre-Registration details will be posted soon.

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Q-  Is there a dress code for the events?

A-  Yes, dress code is enforced for the Ball. Basically, You CANNOT overdress for the Anne Rice Ball! We began our Ball 30 years ago and started the Halloween Renaissance that we enjoy today.

Black tie, Long formal dress, Masquerade Costume, Period Dress.


2018 is our 30th Anniversary of the Club and New Orleans' Tricentennial. The theme is ‘Tricentennial Anniversary Ball- 300 years of Vampires in New Orleans‘. This lends itself to an amazing array of costuming ideas! If you’d like to take a peek at some attire inspiration, please visit our ‘Anne Rice Vampire Ball’ Pinterest Board. Vampires of any time period, dressed to impress!


 What does that mean? Here are some examples:


Tuxedo/Elegant Floor-Length Gown or Other Formal Evening Wear with Masque.


Other well-thought-out, well-planned costumes are welcome, including: Any character from Anne Rice's books, Pagan Gods and Goddesses, Druid, Gothic, Fairy, Steampunk, Historical, Dark Angel, Mythology, Burlesque, Medieval, Renaissance, Vampire, Fairy-Tale, and anything else that comes to mind that one could consider to be worthy of a formal Masquerade Ball.


To allow for elaborate theme-based costuming, knee length dresses are permitted, otherwise, dresses must be tea or floor length. Those who choose not to dress in costume or creative black tie are expected to dress in formal attire.


(Please note that our dress code is strictly enforced. If you are not in attire appropriate to the aesthetic and extravagance of our event, you will be turned away at the gate and no refund will be given.)


The Cocktail Party is more relaxed. The theme is Jazz age (1920's-1930's)

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Q- Where can I get my hair and makeup done for the Ball?

A- Our Links section for all the latest info. We have made arrangements for several excellent hairdressers and Makeup Artists from the Retreat Salon to come to the Marriott for appointments.  Just give them a call for pricing and reservations.

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Q-  What can I expect at the Annual Vampire Ball?

A-  Each year we strive to bring you the best in live entertainment in a local, full service atmosphere. This year we will be at The Historic Board of Trade Building. This beautiful venue has ample seating, as well as a courtyard with a fountain and covered entranceway for our vendors and silent charity auction. Open Bar and Food is included in the ticket price.

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Q-  Will I be able to meet Anne Rice at the Ball?

A-  Because of the huge number of people that attend the Ball, we are no longer able to allow access to Anne Rice's VIP area when she attends the Ball. Only her guests, Security, and Staff are allowed into this area. She has not confirmed attendance for this year.

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Q-  Is this a BDSM-Fetish  type Ball or Event?

A-  The Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club is all about the authors, books, Entertainment, the beauty & the atmosphere, we do not officially offer any fetish activities at our events as part of our entertainment, however what consenting adults do at the ball is their own business (and I have seen some very "creative" things over the years :-). This is a celebration of the books, Our Beloved Anne, her works, Lestat & all the wonderful costumed and garbed people that attend the Ball. Feel free to express yourself!

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Q- Is there a face book event I may share with my friends to help get the word out & discuss events & dress?

A- Event Page Anne Rice Tricentennial Vampire Ball,.... Also, see our main Group Page ARVLFC FaceBook.

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Q- Will there be parking?

A- There is no parking at either of our venues this year, but there are lots located nearby. For those coming in for one night, there are parking lots throughout the French Quarter along the river front. Sometimes lucky street parking on Lower Decatur & Esplanade areas are available too, but don’t count on that.


We do suggest if drinking, PLEASE DO take advantage of NOLA’s  Bus, Street Car , Uber, Lyft, and pedi-cab


Taxi Transportation info, numbers, fares, day passes info below:


*Rider Tips & Fare Rates*


United Cab # (504)-522-9771 or (504)-524-9606 (every local I know has United on speed dial)     American Taxi  # (504) 299-0386      Pedi-Cab  # (504)-488-6565  Nifty Car Rental

Limo Service - Riverbend Charters and Tours  # (504) 252-0152 (Ride in style)


Below is a list of lots & garages close to our events, some with discount coupons offered.




*French Quarter Area Parking    FQ Parking Map      CBD Parking


NOLA CONSTRUCTION/Transportation ALERTS: The St. Charles Street Car is NOT running  it’s usual routes due to construction….from Canal to Louisiana, you will take the Bus, car service resumes at Louisiana Ave Uptown. The Canal/Riverfront Line is also under construction, see RTA site for all updates & changes. The French Quarter is also under major street repaving & construction….that changes daily! Be careful, be aware & wear comfy shoes when sight seeing!

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Q-  Will there be a photographer or videographer at the Ball?

A- We will absolutely have candid photographers in-house for the duration of the evening. NEW FOR THIS YEAR, we will have a well lit area with a spectacular backdrop for everyone to take PHOTOS in...for FREE. Take your own photos or find one of our official photographers to help you. Pictures will be available on our Facebook page or our online gallery.  Videography is also planned for 2015, details to come. There is also always members of the media in attendance whose purpose will be to photograph, film, and/or take notes.

**A note for those who do not want to be photographed or filmed: We are aware that some people do not want to be photographed or filmed, however, please keep in mind that this IS a public event which will have hundreds of people in attendance, and the photographers/videographers/media are not mind readers. If you do not want to be photographed or filmed and you see a photographer/videographer/media person nearby, please make your wishes known and every effort will be made to ensure that they are granted.  If you are truly adamant that you not be photographed or filmed in any manner for fear of recognition, we suggest masking as part of your attire for the evening.


Q-  May we take pictures at the events?

A-  YES! We encourage & welcome pictures from all our Event Attendee’s. If you would like to see them on the ARVLFC web & fan pages, send them to & we will gladly post them to our sites for all to share! Our Special Guest Authors & Talent will gladly take photo’s with you as their time and our production schedule allows. NEW FOR THIS YEAR, we will have a well lit area with a spectacular backdrop for everyone to take PHOTOS in...for FREE. Take your own photos or find one of our official photographers to help you. Pictures will be available on our Facebook page or our online gallery.

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Q-  Will there be tickets available at the Door to all of your events?

A-  In 2014 the Ball and Meet and Greet were SOLD OUT by Oct 1st. The VIP Ball tickets sold out months in advance. We recommend getting your tickets early. Check our Ticket page for availability.

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Q- What Hotel should we stay in?

A-  We worked hard at getting discounts this year, but we realized that Travelocity had much better deals. The Eliza Jane is a newly renovated hotel in a historic building. It is right across the street from the venue...with some rooms overlooking the Ball. Because it is so new, the discounts are great and its not booked up yet, so get your room soon! New Orleans is crazy busy at Halloween!


Be sure to book early. Halloween is extremely busy in New Orleans.

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Q-  Do I have to be a Vampire to attend the Ball?

A-  No!  But its a great place to meet one. The entire event is open to the public.  If you are open-minded and would be comfortable with an eclectic mix of friendly adults of all ages, then you’re welcome to join us. But you do have to be 21 to enter and you will be carded at the door. Our little Claudia is the only exception, but she is actually a very old vampire (rumors of her death are greatly exaggerated).

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Q-  What about food and alcohol?

A- In 2019 the Ball will be OPEN BAR and FOOD for ALL Admissions.

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Q-  Will there be an after party for the Friday Ball Event?

A- Nothing official is planned, but after the Live entertainment is done, DJ Seraph will be spinning for your dancing needs. Remember, there is no "Last Call" in New Orleans

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Q-  What else is going on in New Orleans on Halloween weekend?

A- Check out our links section for Halloween weekend events around town. We have everything from trick or treating and Halloween Carnivals to world class haunted attractions and real ghost hunting tours.....

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Q-  Is there a Minimum Age Requirement for the Ball?

A- Must be 21 or older to attend.

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Other questions? If you still have questions regarding our events after reading the FAQ, please contact us at